Speedy Customer Support – Large UK Telecom Company

Proactive fault monitoring solution for a UK telecom company

Providing best quality customer support is no longer just about answering the support line within three rings. Proactive fault monitoring allows telecommunication companies to identify issues in the network before the customer experiences service degradation. The technology landscape of a modern telco is varied, providing a diverse range of data formats that an early warning system needs to support.

The Ab Initio solution delivered by our consultants ingested data from numerous data sources to a proprietary mathematical algorithm based on Fast Fourier Transforms. Building the application end to end in Ab Initio, including the mathematical calculations, meant less time gluing together a variety of disparate technology. In order to maximise the opportunity, the Ab Initio Express>It interface was used as an investigation tool for the customer service agents. Connecting to a real-time Ab Initio graph, the Express>It application takes user input and extracts the network information before running the algorithm to pinpoint the fault. Once determined, the fault-finding algorithm identifies surrounding customers and notifies of service degradation whilst scheduling repairs. 

Automating the process to identify faults, informing the customer, and scheduling the repair, resulted in fewer customer service calls, reducing load on the call centre. In addition, there were benefits to reputation across the service. 

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