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Secure your data with simplified data privacy and security solution

Data privacy and data security are non-negotiable aspects of any business. Physical files, although encrypted, have become the concern of every company. Data leaks and security breaches are widely reported, and regulator fines have reached nearly $100 million at the time of writing (November 2022). Implementing a data privacy policy such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a non-trivial task complicated by a common lack of business metadata and data control.

Our consultants have assisted in multiple proof of value implementations of Data privacy regulations using the Ab Initio Semantic Discovery solution to identify sensitive data held across numerous data sources. Once identified, surfacing this information into the Ab Initio Metadata Hub allowed visual representation of the data lineage as well as created a business data dictionary to fully document each data element. Ab Initio Metadata Hub and Web Services helped data stewards implement masking and purging policies through a simple workflow.

The power of this solution makes an impact across the whole business, allowing business-wide data lineage through any number of data sources and sinks, and appropriately masked and purged PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

For more information on how DataVium can help you govern your data estate and tighten controls on data sensitivity whilst making the best use of your data assets, reach out to us today.

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