Productivity gains – UK Pensions and Savings Company

Exponentially increasing graph representing boosted productivity for a UK pensions company with optimised data pipeline.

A large UK pensions and saving company was struggling to extract value from their data. Our consultants collaborated with their internal teams and SI partners to build a solution using Ab Initio Query>It and various features of the Ab Initio Metadata Management & Governance toolset.

Query>It provides the interface for the data analysts to conform data and create views over the disparate data storage layers in Oracle, DB2 and IMS. It also enables the development of Ab Initio data integration and data mining processes via a SQL interface. 

By using Query>It the data analyst teams could work in their preferred language whilst maintaining the enterprise benefits of using the Ab Initio ecosystem.

The resultant data pipelines were scheduled to execute at the required intervals while enabling data lineage for field-level traceability across those flows. This meant that the institution could increase data awareness by utilising the Ab Initio Metadata Management & Governance capabilities. Additionally, it enforced setting up the standard governance practices over the Enterprise Data Warehouses. 

Our consultants also streamlined the testing processes and subsequent releases by implementing regression testing via Automated Test Data Generation and Automated Unit Testing solutions.

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