Integration of Critical Finance Systems – UK Financial Services Company

A person reviewing data on multiple graphs and documents for improved financial performance and business insights.

Our consultants helped a large UK financial services company to integrate critical Finance systems across various businesses. The Ab Initio product-suite-based solution, designed by our experts, facilitated the onboarding of heterogeneous data from numerous external parties and legacy systems while maintaining conformity into target data stores. The solution supported both batch and real-time data processing. This implementation helped the organisation to better manage its General Ledger, Products and Asset position. This solution positively impacted their bottom line, allowing them to release capital for other parts of their business. 

Leveraging our expertise in implementing the various features of the Ab Initio products not only accelerated the development of the solution but also made it easier to demonstrate adherence towards the compliance rules to the regulator and external auditors. 

This solution incorporates Ab Initio Business Rules Environment (BRE), allowing finance business users to define and test business rules. 

Ab Initio Metadata Hub was used to enhance the data governance on the Data Sources and Targets, capturing Data Lineage and other important metadata. 

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